Straight Outta Hollywood…

Growing up in a rural/suburban part of Maine, I clearly related to the lyrics and stories in N.W.A.’s music. Like a lot of white boys, and I mean A LOT, I really bought into the gimmick. What gimmick? The gangsta rap gimmick and image that was sold by Jerry Heller and a slew of other white guys at recording companies to a bunch of white teenagers (the bulk of the market for this music). And the gimmick is still working: I mean, shit, you can get N.W.A. shirts at Forever 21 now, Ice Cube is a Disney actor, and Dr. Dre® is a headphone brand more than anything else. With that said, I cannot wait until Straight Outta Compton drops this August!

No coincidence that the film is produced by Dre and Cube, but no inclusion of Yella and Ren it seems.


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