We all consume artifacts of hip hop culture, whether it be actively or passively, and it’s important to understand the implications of how images are produced and consumed. This class looks at how an urban youth street culture turned into a multi-billion dollar industry and the role that the screen industries (television, music video, film, documentary, video games, photography, and even graffiti) played in this evolution.

This course is part textual analysis, industry studies, and historiography, and the goal is to give students the tools to deconstruct how both culture and industry have developed and the role of hip hop culture therein. How did hip hop culture change the screen industries and how have the screen industries changed hip hop culture?

Issues of social empowerment and justice, race, identity, class, and so forth will be addressed in respect to how hip hop has been represented visually. Students will be asked to locate themselves within this context. We will screen and examine numerous texts, many of which were produced from 1980-2005, so it will be up to the students to apply this knowledge to current representations (if they so choose to look at newer media).

This course is taught by me, André Sirois aka DJ food stamp aka The Real Dr. Dré™ (pictured below rockin’ the classic freeze at my wedding!)




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