You can download a .PDF file or .doc file of this schedule.

Hip Hop & Screens: Cultural Representation and Capitalism

Summer 2015 Tentative Schedule


Monday, June 22: Introduction, Review of Syllabus, and Discussion

Tues., June 23: Hip Hop Culture, Subcultures, and the Cultural Industries

In-class screen: The Hip Hop YearsClose to the Edge (PT 1)

Weds., June 24: Hip Hop and Socio-Economics

In-class screen: Flyin’ Cut Sleeves

Thurs., June 25: Hip Hop and Socio-Economics Cont’d

In-class screen: The Warriors


Monday, June 29: Elements of Hip Hop

In-class screen: Wild Style

Tues., June 30: The Graffiti Subculture

In-class screen: Style Wars

Weds., July 1: The Graffiti Subculture Cont’d

In-class screen: Gimme the Loot or Bomb the System

Thurs., July 2: Rappers, Rapping and Emceeing

In-class screen: Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme and scenes from 8 Mile and Notorious

***DUE: 1-page proposal for final project


Monday, July 6: B-Boyin’, B-Girlin’, and Breaksploitation

In-class screen: The Freshest Kids

Tues., July 7: B-Boyin’, B-Girlin’, and Breaksploitation Cont’d

In-class screen: Beat Street and scenes from the Breakin’ franchise

Weds., July 8: Industry, Politricks and Parody

In-class screen: Krush Groove and clips from Fly by Night

Thurs., July 9: ***Exam*** Will cover materials 6/22-7/7


Monday, July 13: Industry, Politricks and Parody Cont’d

In-class screen: Fear of a Black Hat

Tues., July 14: Present Final Project

Weds., July 15: Present Final Project

Thurs., July 16: Present Final Project

*****This schedule is tentative in that it is subject to change.*****


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